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I know everybody wants to japa from Nigeria,

But Why do we want to?

Can you really blame us?

Should we start from the unemployment, down to the high cost of living, low salary earners, insecurities, students on strike, high exchange rate in dollars( thereby making naira earners look so poor),

But First who no like better thing? who no like enjoyment??
Dollar is currently #750 per $1, and earning in dollar is everyone’s target now..

imagine earning $1000, that is #750,000..

Everyone wants a good life,

Don’t you want a good life?

But to Japa, you need to know someone – that knows – someone that knows someone and the chain goes as long as possible, but after that

What next??
some people go there to suffer

You see someone who migrated for 10 years hasn’t achieved anything, but now the story is different under 1-2 years ,feels like magic has happened, they become fresh, enjoying money, etc…

What makes them different?
what do they know that you don’t know?
How come they just came and thriving already?

Is there something they are not saying that you should know of??

Yes, there is something they know,that you don’t know…
Not everyone will tell you their secret formula,

So what is that?


If it takes you singing that everyday, please do.

What is a skill??

the ability to use one’s knowledge effectively and readily in execution or performance.

For example, Cooking is a skill, you learn it, you use the knowledge effectively in execution ( preparation)of a delicious jollof rice, egusi and eba, etc

There are different types of skills

  1. Technical skills
    Software development
    Crypto/ block chain
    Data science
  2. Writing
    Crypto/ block chain writer
  3. Editing
  4. Virtual assistant
  5. Hairdressing
  6. Digital marketing
  7. Barbing
  8. Baby sitting
  9. Tutoring
  10. Healthcare Worker

There are skills which can be applicable remotely and physically, I call these skills top of all Skills because even after getting most of other skills, you still need publication, ads, and so many others, which are being handled by these skills. These skills can be done remotely or physically(migration), for example technical skills, technical writing, etc.

  1. Technical skills:

Technical skills are the abilities and knowledge needed for practical information technology. They are often related to mathematical, mechanical or scientific tasks. Some examples include 1. knowledge of programming languages 2. Software development 3. UI/UX design 4, Data Science 5. NFT/ Blockchain

For instance, Elitepath is a tech company based in Port Harcourt city of Nigeria, their website at…. Learning from Elitepath will help guide you step by step on how to create stunning websites, UI/UX designs etc..

Below is a graphical representation of designs done by a student in tech on Elitepath

To get more of this samples and videos visit

The advantage of having a technical skills is that, it can be done remotely and physically (migration). Tech skills is the new gold now.

  1. Technical writing

Technical writing is the practice of documenting processes, such as software manuals, reports, proposals, visual communication or instructional materials, in a simplified form for your readers to understand. The main aim of technical writing is that the information is understood by the reader. Examples of technical writing includes: i. Technical descriptions ii. Product recalls and white papers iii. UI / UX writing iv. crypto/ blockchain writing

Example of technical writing include explaining HTML in a simple way in writing

  1. Editing: Editing is the process of selecting and preparing written, photographic, visual, audible, or cinematic material used by a person or an entity to convey a message or information.To be a good editor, you need to be a good writer. Examples of editing includes: i. proofreading, ii. Technical editing, iii. Copyediting etc..
  2. Virtual assistant: A virtual assistant is a remote employee who offers administrative support for you and your business, usually part-time. An example is, you working for Jeff Bezos from Nigeria as his Personal Assistant(PA), you schedule his meetings, handle his social media accounts, phone calls. organizing emails, arranging travels etc, you are called his virtual assistant because you cant see him physically but you work for him.


Hair dressing is a hand made skill, which can be learned in Nigeria at a low cost and on high demand. You can earn as much as $300 as a hair stylist per hair based on customers specification.
It can not be done virtually but can be made global through video uploads on social media.
Imagine making 5-7 hairs per day at the rate of $500 per hair, you have made it oh.

$500*7 = $3500 * 750= 2.6m per day(forget the mathematics, money is good),you’ve made it o😂..

6. Digital Marketing:
Digital marketing, also called online marketing, is the promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication. This includes not only email, social media, and web-based advertising, but also text and multimedia messages as a marketing channel.

It is a handmade skill. Barbing doesn’t consume as much time as Hair dressing. In Nigeria, the average cost of having a hair cut is 300 naira(not up to a dollar), while abroad is about $25 on a haircut, imagine cutting as much as 10-15 hair per day….

You are made for life😁

8. Babysitting:
This is perfect, especially for people migrating . A lot of parents hire immigrants to babysit their kids and teach them English. The pay is flexible which could be hourly, weekly, or monthly.

This is perfect for those migrating to other countries.especially those whose native language is not English. You could teach English to kids or adults depending on what is available for you and you get paid well. It is also a flexible job

Male University Or College Student Working At Computer In Library Being Helped By Tutor

10.Healthcare worker:
I had a recent interview with one of the migrated health worker-

Echebe Prudence- This is on a very high demand, visas are being offered to those who are interested in migrating to be a healthcare worker. So apply.

So if you are a health worker looking for ways to migrate, here is an easy offer.

There are still other skills not listed here, but i advise you to stick to one skill, build up, become a pro at it, and watch yourself grow

Get a skill before migrating.

Ever heard of soft skill?

want to know more?

Then, take a chilled drink and pop corn and stay tuned to my next post……

Eunice Oluwatosin

Eunice Oluwatosin a.k.a Tosin Bankz is a tech blogger, technical writer and a content writer, who is very enthusiastic about proffering solutions and creating magic on the web through writing. She is soft skilled certified, which makes her best in communication, teamwork,leadership and other soft skills.

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