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Several new devices, not just an iPhone 14, are expected to be unveiled at Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14 launch event on September 7, 2022.

The invitation has a field of sparkling stars that form the logo and the motto “far out.”

Interestingly enough, some of the invitations include an RSVP, indicating an internal event at Apple’s Cupertino campus in the Steve Jobs Theater. This would be the company’s first significant product launch event to take place in the theater since the beginning of the pandemic, and it will be streamed online. However, it could also be a white party.

Additionally, three (yes, we said three) new Apple Watch models and even an updated set of AirPods Pro headphones are on our radar.

This year, we expect four phones.

A quick gist:
For the lovers of the iPhone mini model, sorry to disappoint you, but rumour has it that there won’t be a mini model this time around, but the iPhone 14 plus, pro, and pro max.

i. iPhone 14

ii. iPhone 14 Max (14 Plus)

iii. iPhone 14 Pro

iv. iPhone 14 Pro Max

The gist is: – The naming could be quite interesting. We’ve been calling it the iPhone 14 max for months, but rumours say it’ll be named the iPhone 14 plus.

As is customary, the more intriguing changes will be sent to the Pro model

  • Apple intends to employ both a pill-shaped cutout and a hole-shaped cutout in place of a notch, both of which will contain the front-facing camera system required for Face ID.
    Apple intends to use software to integrate these two separate cutouts into a single, lengthy pill-shaped notch.
  • it is rumored to feature from 1Hz to 120Hz promotion display which would enable a longer awaited always – display capability that is supposed to perform similarly to the Apple watch always – shown

New cameras for the iPhone 14 Pro may be added

  • Apple improving the selfie camera would be fantastic, especially now that video calls are increasingly common.
  • It will have a 21% larger center, a 48MP wide-angle sensor, and support higher resolution images and video recording, making it one of the biggest updates we’ve seen in a while.

Price Increase

  • In addition, we anticipate that the pro versions will cost more than the iPhone 13 pro models did when they were first introduced last year.
  • There are a few additional color options, including a new purple version for the iPhone 14.

Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Pro, and Apple Watch SE

The apple watch will also be a significant feature of the event. Apple aims to offer 3 new series apple watch

Apple series 8 watch

  • It is likely to look like the apple series watch 7 (no noticeable design changes).
  • It is predicted to have identical performance to the S7
  • Health features to be offered on the apple 8
    Rumour suggests that could acquire a temperature sensor ( this function could be fertility planning) approaching the apple wristwatch and even detect fevers

Apple Watch SE

  • An updated Apple Watch SE is apparently in the works with a faster Chipset but the same body as the existing model. And the upcoming high-end watch is supposedly one oriented toward extreme sports athletes and may have a bigger screen and longer battery life.
  • It could potentially have a larger screen near 2 inches ( could be a fairly big watch)

The Apple Watch Pro:

It boasts a larger battery, GPS, and a more sturdy design. The Pro model could potentially have a larger screen…

Airpods Pro 2

  • Airpods Pro 2 may have a more subdued fun factor. A stem-free construction
  • An appearance resembling the Beat Studio AirPods
  • According to rumors, the charging case will contain speaker holes so that it may make a sound when the AirPods are misplaced. This will go along with better Find My integration.

The iPad Pro

Similar to the iPhone, it is rumored that the iPad Pro will include MagSafe wireless charging. This charging feature may be made possible by a larger glass Apple logo. The iPad might also be used to charge other gadgets thanks to reverse wireless charging.

How to View

The iPhone 14 event will start at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time ( PT) on September 7, 2022. The event will be broadcast live on Apple’s website at

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  1. Excited and looking forward to this unveiling… Though I am not an iPhone user, I’m a big fan of Steve Jobs and his products.💯

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