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Do you know your smart phone and home appliances can reduce Carbondioxide(CO2) in the home and environment?( yes, you heard that right)

Well, the world is becoming dominated by technology, and daily life is becoming easier. Even in the agriculture industry, technology is becoming more adaptable. Cropin Cloud, a recently introduced technology, has various advantages for the agriculture sector.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the number of people affected by hunger has risen to 828 million in 2021, up from around 46 million in 2020 and 150 million since the COVID-19 epidemic began. This new data reveals that the world is moving further away from its 2030 target of eradicating all types of hunger, food insecurity, and malnutrition.

Cropin, an agritech firm, has announced the launching of its Cropin cloud, which aims to enhance agriculture by reducing food shortages and worldwide poverty.

The company’s goal is to digitize the agriculture sector.

Why Create Cropin Cloud?

Cropin Cloud, according to Krishna Kumar , founder, and CEO of Cropin said, because the agriculture sector lacked access to a “unified, coherent platform that can enable and help build a wide variety of solutions” despite the disruptions brought on by climate change, geopolitical unrest, disruptions in the food supply chain, and an expanding global population.

The depth and breadth of the global agricultural ecosystem are enormous, he continued, yet strange, the instruments to gather and exchange data orderly are lacking.

Examples of How Cropin’s Technology is Used

  • Unilever’s work with coconut farmers, who utilized the business’ SmartFarm Plus app to collect information on how old the trees were, challenges they had, and productivity levels, are some examples of how Cropin’s technology is being used.

The software then made use of this information to offer location-specific guidance, such as an estimate of the expected output of coconut sugar by farmers.

  • In a study that involved 244 villages, 30,000 agricultural plots, and 77 different crop varieties.

Cropin also offered the World Bank and the Government of India insights on weather, crop management, pest and disease predictions, nutrient management, and soil and water management methods. According to Cropin, this led to an average 30% improvement in production and yielded almost 37% rise in farm turnover.

Uses of Cropin Cloud

  1. Farmers can use it to oversee carbon emissions.
    Carbon Emissions means carbon dioxide (CO2)emitted when fossil fuels are burned in vehicles, buildings, industrial processes and so on. Examples can include smoke from industries, smoke from car exhaust are examples of carbon emissions.
Carbon Emission

According to ipitaka, there are 9 ways to reduce your carbon emissions with technology. but I will mention a few and you can read more on ipikata
i. One of the easiest ways for us to reduce our carbon footprint is by using Smart Devices.

Smart devices use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn your routines and habits and track and oversee your home to save energy, which alligns with the Cropin cloud technology in respect to the Al/ Ml technology method.

Home appliances that helps reduce carbon emission

ii. Use Apps to Find Green Industries

Find local businesses, such as sustainable local farmers, to buy produce from or recycle your kitchen scraps.

  1. To oversee deforestation
    According to BBC – Technology can help indigenous communities to significantly curb deforestation, according to a new study. Indigenous people living in the Peruvian Amazon were equipped by conservation groups with satellite data and smartphones. They were able to reduce tree losses by half in the first year of the project.
  1. Additionally, it contains three sub-platforms that provide access to technologies for earth observation, remote sensing, data, and machine learning so that farmers and other participants in the food value chain may manage crops and harvests more effectively.

With Cropin’s technology idea, we expect more solutions in the agricultural sector. This is a great step.

In conclusion, technology is assuming control. Who would have imagined that technology will be a part of the agricultural system?

Use this opportunity to gain some tech skills, since they apply to any type of business.

There is no better time to learn about tech than now.

Eunice Oluwatosin

Eunice Oluwatosin a.k.a Tosin Bankz is a tech blogger, technical writer and a content writer, who is very enthusiastic about proffering solutions and creating magic on the web through writing. She is soft skilled certified, which makes her best in communication, teamwork,leadership and other soft skills.

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