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Do you believe that your phone can save your life if you are about to die?

Do you believe it to be impossible?
This is the truth,

This is how your Samsung phone can save your life, just simply following the steps below:

Step 1: If you go to the “Settings” of your Samsung phone, you will see a section that says “Safety and Emergency”.

Step 2: When you click on it, two options that read “Medical Information” and “Emergency Contact” will appear.

Step 3: You may input the “Contact Details” of the persons you want to be informed if you become disabled, in the “Emergency Area and the Medical Information Section”.

Note: Be careful to include crucial details such as your “age“, “genotype“, “blood type“, “allergies“, and any “existing medical conditions”.

For Emergency:As A Medical Professional Or First Responder

When you pick up a patient who uses a Samsung phone as a medical professional or first responder and they are unable to unlock their phone for you, all you need to do when you pick up their phone is

  • First, swipe up and choose “emergency call.”
  • The person’s previously set emergency contacts are shown at the top.
  • The medical information is located at the bottom left corner, where you can check it out to see all the ailments, allergies, prescriptions, blood type, and other pertinent details that they would have made available to you.
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The extremely costly phone you are carrying might ultimately mean the difference between life and death.

How To Activate “The Emergency SOS Feature” On A Samsung Galaxy Phone

The most recent Galaxy smartphone includes an “Emergency SOS” option for your safety.
You may send messages to your emergency contacts in only three fast taps.

  • Pull down your notification bar and go to “Settings” to configure your emergency SOS.
  • Scroll to the bottom and choose advanced features
  • You’ll find “Send SOS Messages” at the bottom of the menu.
  • Turn it on
  • Click on add recipient
  • And choose the “Emergency Contacts” you want to get the message from.
  • The front and back cameras may be used to automatically send voice recordings and pictures.

Your emergency contacts will get your location, an audio clip, and photographs when you activate your SOS, enabling them to check on your safety.

You can save a life by sharing this information.

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