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Introducing a feature that makes it simpler to message oneself on WhatsApp

You may now chat with yourself using a feature that WhatsApp is rolling out. One approach to retaining a piece of information nearby, your other WhatsApp discussions and immediate access by sending messages to your own account.

The “Message Yourself” function on WhatsApp allows users to send themselves notes, reminders, and shopping lists.

The instant messaging service owned by Meta stated on Monday that all its Android and iPhone users would soon be able to access the new messaging function. According to a report from the WhatsApp beta tracker WABetaInfo in late October, it was initially tested with some beta testers. The feature has started to roll out globally, and the company has confirmed it.

When starting a new chat on WhatsApp, users will see their contact at the top of the contacts list. They can message themselves using the chat feature by tapping that contact to access it.

Although WhatsApp just added the ability to message oneself, some users have been employing a workaround for some time. The “click to talk” function of the app previously allowed you to message yourself. However, the new service eliminates the extra steps users previously had to take to self-chat using the URL.

If users don’t want to hunt for their self-chat messages in their heavily congested conversations list, they can also pin them to the top of the conversation list.

Similar functionality is provided by Note to Self, a feature in WhatsApp’s rival Signal that enables you to generate messages for private usage. Signal does not, however, propose your own profile at the top of the recipient list, in contrast to WhatsApp’s recently announced functionality, which is accessible through the app’s contact list. To use the functionality, users must search for and choose the contact entry labeled “Note to Self.”

Similar to this, the community network Slack allows users to send notes to themselves in a special area called “Jot Something Down.”

Similar functionality is also available in Telegram’s Saved Communications feature, which enables users to bookmark any critical messages as well as record notes and reminders that can be accessed later. Once stored, messages can be accessed from the chat screen’s top bar. Users of Telegram must initially tap the hamburger menu on Android or the settings menu on iOS to use the functionality.

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