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Over the coming weeks, 10% of the Salesforce staff will be let go.

The corporation informed several managers after the first round this week that all US employees had been informed, but there was still a misunderstanding.

Salesforce confirmed to Insider that it does have additional layoffs planned for the US.

Salesforce told Insider it is preparing further layoffs in the US after keeping workers in the dark about where future layoffs might occur.

Salesforce started informing anyone affected by its plans to eliminate 10% of its personnel on Wednesday. According to a person with knowledge of the situation, the business informed certain managers that all concerned US employees had been contacted as of Wednesday and that employees in Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa will continue to get notifications in the upcoming weeks.

However, it was unclear until recently if that warning indicated that no US employees would be let go in the future or if it merely applied to the initial batch of layoffs.

The question was raised during a business all-hands meeting this week about layoffs, but from the audio of the meeting provided with Insider and from Slack messages and comments from attendees, it doesn’t seem to have been addressed.

One individual posted in an internal Slack channel that Insider was able to see, “What% of the layoffs is complete.” “Are the layoffs in the USA over or not? On this, there is an utter lack of clarity. Do we really need to live in constant fear of losing our jobs?”

Emails describing a severance deal that pays them as a normal employee through late March and then further compensation depending on the time at the company were sent to employees who were laid off this week, according to insiders.

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