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Twitter’s “For You” and “following” dual-timeline views are now available on the web.

Twitter is rolling out this modification to the web interface after changing its iOS app to display both algorithmic and chronological timelines side by side.

The corporation rebranded “Home” (algorithmic timeline) and “Latest” (chronological timeline) to “For You” and “Following” earlier this week. In both the iOS app and the web, the “For You” timeline now comes first.

On the phone, you must swipe between these timelines; on the web, you must click on the timeline tabs to navigate between them. The good news is that Twitter appears to remember user preferences, at least in the online version. Even if a user closes the tab or window and reopens Twitter, they will see the timeline you previously chose.

Twitter stated in its release that this view would be available shortly on the Android app as well. Everyone can benefit from an algorithmic timeline!

The new web version has the advantage of making it easy to go from one pinned list to another if you utilize Twitter lists. Previously, the only method to access lists on the web was via More > Lists. It was quite tiresome.

Third-party Twitter clients began suffering huge problems on Friday, with users of several apps unable to view information or log into their accounts. The developers of these applications stated that they attempted to contact Twitter but did not receive a response. The problem is still present at the time of writing.


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