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On March 1st, 2023, the biggest state broadcaster in Nigeria, Lagos Television (LTV), announced a partnership with Gbedu, an urban digital firm, to build a “video-on-demand” platform dubbed “IYKYK,” which stands for “if you know, you know.” This platform is intended for young and new audiences.

According to SIJU ALABI

Iykyk is a channel dedicated to Innovation, Relevance, Can-do, Young talent, and Entrepreneurship.The urge for engagement compelled us to turn within and see what we might do.Integrating with other networks, such as Gbedu, is raising and widening our horizons…The show you will be seeing is also aimed at young people.But it will provide a chance for the government to communicate with young people.


C. E. O. Gbedu, Ayoade Adedayo

I commend the state for providing this for young people and allowing them to do it. I believe this will forever change the television experience…

We needed to develop the TV program we are offering here, so we designed shows that relate to the lifestyle of these young people.
We are focused on fashion, music, and, most importantly, politics in order to bridge the gap between the older and younger generations.

This program is aimed at the youth (Gen Z) to learn more about Lagos’ rich cultural legacy, its food, lifestyle, and contents generated by young people for young people…

Setonji David, a member of the Badagry constituency

This is to show the youth that we are a part of them, that we care about them, that this platform was developed for them, and that it is fantastic…

Aim of Iykyk

The Iykyk aims to reform the game of content production in Lagos State and throughout Nigeria.

IYKYK will be live beginning April 3, 2023.

Eunice Oluwatosin

Eunice Oluwatosin a.k.a Tosin Bankz is a tech blogger, technical writer and a content writer, who is very enthusiastic about proffering solutions and creating magic on the web through writing. She is soft skilled certified, which makes her best in communication, teamwork,leadership and other soft skills.

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