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Learn from the best and be job ready. Build case studies of real-life projects. Get the same value as our in-house students and test your skills with an online internship.

About Us

As we build things, our goal isn’t to strive for the highest number of visitors, registrations, or daily active users. We are dedicated to building/training the best UI/UX Designers out there and give them the right path to the trendy industry specification for  global jobs

What you will learn

What is Product Design?
Product Design Elements
Requirements for Product Design
Objectives of Product Design
What is the Process of Product Design?
Ten Steps of the Product Design Process
Defining the Product
Conducting the User Research
Compiling Specifications
Producing the Factory Samples
Sample Testing
Starting the Production/Development
Providing Quality Assurance
How to Evaluate Product Design?
Changing/Modifying Your Product Design
Mistakes to Avoid
How to Improve Your Design Process
Finding the Design Solution
Qubstudio Product Design
Case Study

UX Design process: Step by Step guide for User Experience Design

Master the UX design process with our step-by-step guide, including everything you need to know to become a successful UX designer.

UX design plays an increasingly critical role in companies and can often be the maker or breaker of success.

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You will join a growing private community.

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Get all the free resources, ebooks and software.

Peer-to-Peer Review

Meet other designers from beginners to senior level to help you get better.


Free swags to showcase that you are a designer, it promote you faster.


Ebibote Doutimi
Ceo/Designer – elitePath
Community Advocate Lead – Figma
Enterprise Design Thinking, Co-creator – IBM

A journey is about to begin

Get into Tech In less than you can ever imagine with no prior knowledge.



Many University students worldwide face difficulty in securing adequate student housing due to factors such as high rent and rental shortages. 

Larri Timi

An overview of what a student was able to do after 3 weeks.



This is done by our students after their second week of learning #HTML and #CSS, it is purely vanilla CSS. Our product design student designed this project using #figma as his #designtool.


Benita Chioma

UX/UI Designer – elitePath
Brand Influencer
Face Model
Digital Creator

Be the Best

This course is project-based learning to help you develop the skills needed to create user experiences for products or digital properties.


Although it is often only associated with appearance, design is just as concerned with problem solving, whether it is an engineering challenge, finding a way to minimise costs or communicating a marketing message. 

The classes are 100% online

Before enrolling for this course, you need a laptop and a stable internet connection to get the best experience.

Live classes will be recorded and shared to our private channel for students to watch. But ensure you take permission. 

Yes! well prepared materials for elitePath offline classes

We promote our best students work, from our YouTube channel to all social media channels.

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